If you are going to spend your time running, you need to have the best gear. Below are my musts, my favorites, my can't live with-outs!!
  • Running Shoes. This is the MOST important aspect of running. You absolutely have to have the best shoes. Best does not mean most expensive. I think these were $70? These are Nike Air Pegasus. They are super light weight, have stability, great cushioning, and they are super cute! These are the old version. I have newer shoes and I still wear these on long runs. They are SO comfortable.
  • Obviously, this is not part of your "gear". However, this is my happy place. They have ALL things running. And they are super nice and super helpful. You may not have a "Gary Gribbles" but I highly recommend checking out the "running stores" in your area. Places like this are the place to buy your shoes. At Gary's (and most running stores) they fit your shoes for you. Then, you can go outside and run in them to see how they feel. You can also take them home and run in them (inside), if you aren't happy with them you can return them for a different pair. I cannot stress how important it is to find the perfect shoes. Without them, you run the risk of injury and a future of miserable runs.
  • This is almost as important (to me) as the shoes. This watch is FABULOUS! It tells you the time, distance, and pace. It has a "virtual partner" mode where you can enter in a goal pace and it will show you how far ahead or behind you are during a run. You can also save and upload all of your runs to connect.garmin.com
  • These are DryMax socks. I actually received these in a goody bag from a race. I love these because they have extra cushioning. They keep your feet the perfect temperature and very dry. Any moisture wicking socks should do the same trick. I just happen to love this particular brand.
  • Spandex shorts ARE A MUST. You don't have to wear them alone. Put them under your normal gym shorts or under your sweatpants. Why are they so important? Chafing. That is why. Your inner thighs will be rubbed raw without them. They are also moisture wicking which helps keep you comfortable.
  • If you are blessed with large ta-ta's this is the bra for you! Well...it is for me. It is the most supportive sports bra I have found. This is super important if you plan to run for any length of time. There are some things that just need to stay in place. Another tip...wear TWO bras :)
  • If you are a momma and you often take your kiddo with you on runs this is the BEST stroller. It is super easy to push and maneuver.This is hands down the best baby gift I received. It is the BOB SE Revolution Stroller. I LOVE it. It is so easy to collapse and the suspension on it is ridiculous! My little man started running with me early on. You can also purchase a bar that locks in to put your car seat on. My little man slept through every run!

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