"Everyone has a love story, mine is my favorite" Let me take a minute and tell you about my guy. After almost six years of marriage, I really thought we had this marriage thing figured out. I didn't understand how couples had relationship/marital problems. Our marriage had always been so easy. I heard somewhere "real marriage doesn't begin until you have a baby". This.Is.So.True.

    Ohmygosh! Unlike a lot those lucky couples, we were not prepared to bring a baby home (mentally speaking). Our house was perfectly clean, nursery was picture perfect, diapers were stocked, and of course we had taken a four week course entitled childbirth. We really thought we had this down. All that we lacked was that perfect quiet baby... ha! What we hadn't taken, was a four week course entitled how to survive. They really should add that one. seriously, ...they should!

    We sent my mom home with my dad...we didn't need her because we so had this covered. Little did we know, we would be calling her to come back just a few days later.

    My little man had his days and nights mixed up, wouldn't sleep in his bassinet, cried a lot, had reflux, and I had the mastitis. I learned very quickly that we didn't have this thing figured out....not even close. How were we supposed to survive? Didn't this kid know we needed sleep? Oh, how you come to appreciate even twenty minutes of sleep. What this taught me, is how very much my husband loves me.

    I was awful ( I might elaborate in a future blog...if I am feeling brave). I cried a lot, especially, that first night. The picture I had in my head, you know, the one of the sleeping beautiful newborn wrapped up in their bassinet? The one where the mom and dad are all snuggled up watching him? Where they talk about how in love they are? um...ours didn't look like that. Mine looked like a crying mama, a crying baby, no sleep, haven't showered in days, house a mess, and a rock of a husband. Yes, he was also a bit sleep deprived, but I didn't see it.

    He took our baby and fed him, rocked him, walked with him. He slept with him on his chest. He encouraged me daily. He told me how beautiful I was (in my haven't showered in days, just gave birth, gigantic ta-tas body). He told me how great of a mom I was (even with a screaming baby), he kissed me and held me (when I wasn't kissable or holdable). He went to every appointment (in fact, he hasn't missed an appointment. yet! and that includes every single prenatal appointment). He let me sleep when he needed sleep desperately. He searched high and low for things to do to brighten my day...to make my day easier. He brightened my day when I was crying, and sad. He did it when I felt incomplete and worthless. He did it when I looked awful and felt awful. He did it when I needed it most. He loves me more than I can ever comprehend. How did I deserve this man? I don't. I will never deserve him.  I am so thankful for him.

    That girls....that is a love story.

Klista Smith
12/12/2013 2:39pm

God helped carried you through. You are tough and a very special person. That is why God gave you your husband. Lean on each other and pray together. You are wise beyond your years because you recognize the blessings you have been given and can give the love in return.


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