Have you heard the song you're gonna miss this by Trace Adkins? My throat catches a little every time I hear it. This week has been full of ordinary and mundane, paired with sweetness and unforgettable, and topped with exhausting and irritating. My little man is in the middle of a wonder week. He is exploring everything and changing by the day. For the past few weeks he had been sleeping (almost through the night), was sitting all by himself and playing. Wednesday, he was so happy. He laughed and babbled all day long, played in the floor with his toys alone (sitting up!!!), took two naps, and went to sleep without a fuss. We thought we were on the road to success! The next day, he wouldn't sleep, fussed all day, wanted to be held constantly, and got up at least three times that night. what happened?! I guess I should be used to this by now. I wonder... who are these babies that sleep through the night from birth? Where did they come from?  I feel bad for thinking those things. I should just feel blessed and happy all the time (sleep deprived or not). Then I heard that song. for those of you that don't know that song here is the music video:
    How true is that song? One day, I am gonna miss this. Maybe not tomorrow, or even a few years from now, but one day, I will miss it. I will miss having a little baby that just wants to be held. I will miss the milk smell on his shirts (which my husband thinks is disgusting) I <3 it. I will miss the laughs, the little hands, and maybe even some of the nights spent rocking him in the dark. I probably won't miss the crying or the fits...but I might.
    We have become such an "on to the next thing" society. We forget to live in the moment. On Monday we are wishing it was Friday. At the beginning of the day we are wishing it was the end. We are wishing it was summer when there is a foot of snow on the ground (I would like some of that snow!).
This "on to the next thing" really becomes apparent when there is a new baby. We spend our whole pregnancy wishing the baby was here then, we wish for the newborn to sleep through the night. We are waiting for the first smile, laugh, crawl, and roll-over. At the pediatrician, they are watching to see if they are meeting their developmental milestones, and how much bigger they are than a month ago. One day, I'm going to wish he wasn't walking and talking. One day, I am going to wish for this time back. I am such a forward thinking person, I am always, in a way, "wishing my life away". In an effort to slow down time I am going to "capture" this moment.




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